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My name is Diane H. Morris and I publish Regency-era historical novels through this website. My first two novels, Rosings Park and Cousin Anne, are based on Jane Austen’s beloved story Pride and Prejudice and follow Miss Anne de Bourgh’s romantic adventures. I have released two books in my trilogy: Ravaging the Dead (Book 1) and Naught but Butchers (Book 2). I plan to release Book 3, No Hallowed Ground, this summer. The trilogy, titled Surgeon’s Duty, explores a rather ignoble time in medicine when body-snatchers dug up newly buried bodies and delivered the cadavers to the hospital surgeons, who used them to study anatomy.

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AI Writes a Good Blog about Body-Snatching

My husband and I were recently discussing the claim that Artificial Intelligence (AI) would pretty much destroy mankind. We had a hard time getting our heads around that idea, but we could envision AI writing blogs and other documents. Since I've been writing...

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Book 3 of My Trilogy Is Available Online

Book 3 of my trilogy is available online on Amazon and Smashwords. The book--titled No Hallowed Ground--unites the story about surgeons and bodysnatchers published in books 1 and 2. You may recall that book 1 focused on James Hammond's training at St. Thomas's...

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Book 2 of My Trilogy Is Available Online

Book 2 of my trilogy is available online. It's titled Naught but Butchers and can be bought on Amazon and Smashwords. Naught but Butchers continues the story of the surgeon James Hammond, who leaves London -- the only home he has ever known -- for the town of...

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