Meet Diane H. Morris

Author, Editor, & Publisher at Moorgate Books

I have been writing for more than 40 years. In my professional career in nutrition, I co-authored two university textbooks and wrote dozens of research and review articles. I specialized in heart disease, consumer food trends, and the health benefits of flaxseed. After retiring, I began to write Regency historical fiction.

I live with my husband, Peter, who studies Japanese and enjoys hiking the 900 miles of trails in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. He is working on his 11th map of the 900! While he’s off hiking I read and write about surgery, medical treatments, and the lives of women during Jane Austen’s time.

You can reach me at dhmorris@moorgatebooks.com.

About Moorgate Books

Moorgate Books is my small publishing company located in Knoxville, Tennessee. The name is derived from the old postern built into the London Wall by the Romans and later torn down and rebuilt as a formal gate in the 15th century. An illustration of Moore-Gate as it appeared in about 1650 is shown. Sadly, the gate was demolished in 1762, but its stone was sold to the city and used to support the starlings for London Bridge. Starlings are architectural features that protect the bridge structure from debris and water flow.

In this photo of London’s Tower Bridge, the starlings can be seen clearly in the foreground, ringed with green slime. (Any excuse will do to show off a beautiful photo of sunny London, and this is a much nicer looking bridge than today’s London Bridge, where Moorgate’s rubble was laid to rest.) Today Moorgate is the financial centre of the Great Metropolis.